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About Us

Why Do We Do What We Do, The Way We Do It?

Because we are founded on a passionate desire to help others and a profound belief in the power of a fresh start!

A Quick Word From Our Founder:

I believe we all have made at least one mistake, at least once in our lives, that we wish we had handled differently. Some mistakes are small and easily remedied. Others can feel insurmountable. The power of a hand up from someone who cares and a fresh new start are incredible gifts.  I want to help our clients get the chance to change their future. So they can enjoy a future free of the stress and worry they are facing when we meet them. I started this firm to spend the rest of my working hours and minutes on this earth performing meaningful work. So I give my best every day to keep that purpose and overriding desire at the heart of everything I do.            

Adawn Ehmen, CPA

Founding Member