IRS Audit Representation

IRS Audit Representation

Tax Audits:

When it comes to tax audits, the IRS wins 80% of the time when you are not represented by a qualified practitioner.

Taxpayers are deemed guilty till proven innocent, which means the IRS can start an audit by disallowing every deduction you made on a return until each one is proven to be legitimate. Having IRS Hostage Negotiators on your side for an audit vastly improves your chances for a successful outcome.

If a state or federal government has decided to audit you, it’s important that you don’t let yourself be pushed around by them. In fact, going or talking to the auditor yourself is the worst thing you can do.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights allows you to be represented by a qualified practitioner who can answer questions for you and provide documentation to the IRS. Many taxpayers attempt to handle their own audit or hire the person who prepared the tax return to handle it for them. The reason this usually does not work is that most tax return preparers do not handle IRS audits on a daily basis. The IRS can easily intimidate them, which usually results in an unfavorable outcome.

You may recall the old proverb, “he who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” Treat an IRS audit as seriously as you would a murder trial.

  • Would you go to court without a lawyer?
  • Then why would you go before the IRS without competent representation?

The best way to end an IRS audit with a great outcome is to end it at the first meeting.

Whenever IRS Hostage Negotiators represents clients in IRS audits, we perform a trial audit in our office before we ever meet with the IRS. This allows us to know which areas need more documentation or answers. When we meet with the IRS (without our client), we can quickly answer the auditor’s questions, provide documents, and get to the bottom line. We always meet the IRS at their office or at ours, but NEVER at the client’s.

If you receive an IRS audit letter in the mail asking you to come in or to call for an appointment – keep in mind that your are entitled to and hire a tax resolution company! Contact IRS Hostage Negotiators right away.

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