Reduce Amounts Owed

Tax Relief

If you qualify, the results are incredible.

The IRS does make deals on taxes owed, including all penalties and interest, but the requirements are rigid. To qualify for a deal with the IRS, we suggest that you

  • owe the IRS over $10,000
  • have very little in the way of equity in assets
  • must be using your monthly income to pay your necessary living expenses
  • not have much or only a small amount left over to pay old taxes.

If you meet these requirements then you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of getting tax relief, including penalties and interest on the original amount owed, if you qualify.

The IRS cuts these deals to get you back in the system as a current taxpayer and to collect a few bucks on the old taxes owing. The fine print in these deals requires you to file your tax returns and pay on time for the next 5 years. If you don’t, then the IRS revokes the deal and bills you for the original amount.

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