Tax Relief Services

What to Expect

Our 8 Step Plan to Help You Take Your Life Back

We will meet with you and thoroughly discuss your tax problems.

It is important that we obtain a thorough understanding of your unique situation in order to provide the best tax relief services. This personal interview will provide us with the background needed to develop the appropriate strategy for solving your IRS problem.


We will prepare a Power of Attorney for you to sign.

With the Power of Attorney, we put the IRS on notice that we are representing you. All future telephone calls from the IRS should come to us and not to you.


We will obtain your account transcripts from the IRS.

Reviewing your IRS transcripts enables us to accurately determine what the IRS has documented about your tax situation.


We will develop an appropriate strategy for resolving your IRS problem.

Every taxpayer’s situation is unique. With the information you have provided, we will develop a strategy to get you the lowest possible settlement allowed by law.


We will send you an easy-to-follow checklist to make sure all aspects of your situation are covered.

Although you will need to provide us the information required to complete these IRS forms, preparing complicated IRS forms is our job. So, we will make this process as easy as possible by sending you an easy-to-follow questionnaire.


We will prepare all forms required by the IRS to resolve your IRS problem.

All you have to do is review these forms and sign them. We take care of the rest.


We will negotiate to obtain the lowest possible settlement allowed by law.

We will handle all negotiations with the IRS in order to get you the best deal possible.


We will thoroughly discuss all aspects of your settlement with you.

We will explain all aspects of your settlement with you and will answer any and all questions you may have. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Have you received a notice of deficiency or other letter from the IRS threatening action? Don’t let the IRS take control of your finances.  Contact us today for a free consultation today!

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